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  Hello, thanks for looking in. My name is Lesley, and I'm a Full Transfiguration, Sensive Channel Medium. It's a big title I know, but I don't want you confusing me with the many other types of Spirit Mediums out there.

  For those of you who have never forayed into the Spirit world, and maybe for those of you who have, you may be forgiven for thinking, or even surprised to hear (like myself when this first happened to me) that Spirit Mediums are not all the same.                                            

  Within these pages, it is my intention to simplify the world of Spirits and Spirit Mediums, to dispel a few myths, and hopefully uncover the mystery surrounding this world by sharing with you how I became aware of Spirit, the 'experts' I encountered in my search for knowledge, a few Ghost stories, and generally what I’ve come to understand about the Spirit world.

  Then, if you're interested, there's a page about my philosophy, and without getting too heavy, what I've come to understand about God, the Devil, and all that lies between. A God without the usual confines and rituals that religion demands, that doesn't want me to worship it's glory, who just wants me to know it's there and that there is a reason for this life. Ultimately, giving you the reader, as it did for me, an understanding that makes sense of life and its purpose.

  Also, if this happens to you or someone close to you, you won’t be afraid, you’ll try a different kind of help.
 Firstly I must explain, we as human being communicate through spoken word, when we pass this life we are no longer being we are spirit(your spirit is your soul) as spirit we communicate through thought and images and through emotions, not words.

  As I have stated, to my knowledge, I'm a full Transfiguration Sensive Channel Medium, which means I can invite the Spirit of anyone you want to contact, to literally step into me. Your Father, Brother, your Sister, your Mother, Daughter, your Son, maybe a friend, anyone you want to get in touch with.

  They use me to make themselves known to you. They do this by impressing their personality, emotions, and thoughts onto me. Their traits; how they walk, sit, their facial expressions, the idiosyncrasies that make them who they are, and how you remember them. I as the medium then interpret them back to you. they can also impress a memory, Please understand,it's not every one of their memories,they know what will be relavant to you.

  They can also impress on me your personality, thoughts and emotions, and those of the people sharing your life; your partner, children, friends and family, using me to let you know they are still here and that they are okay. That they know how you are all feeling, that they are safe, not alone. Then, if you want, you can actually see your loved ones.

  People would say that my face is changing, but it is the Spirits face appearing. As they're sitting in me, they sit forward slightly to show themselves using my features to give themselves physical form. I don't go into a trance (as the 'most' famous would have you believing) they are not taking over me, they're just using me to communicate with you, with my consent. I see spirit around us all the time, sitting with us, trying to let us know they are here. I see them in shades of grey like an old black and white movie. When I look at them, they look back at me. In looking at them I'm acknowledging their being here, they know that they can use me to communicate with you.


   At the same time, I genuinely forget how amazing this can sound. It took me a good few years to understand all of this, and it was at times, I don't mind saying, a truely harrowing experience, more so I think for those looking on watching this happen to me whilst I let Spirit use me however they could.

  It's been with me for so long now, I forget It's something I can do! Something I know about. I don't belong to any church groups or psychic societies, and I don't hang around with any practicing Mediums. I'm not an enthusiast who communicates with Spirit in my spare time, Spirits know they can use me to communicate through.

  It is important you understand that I dont use them, they use me.